XP unable to connect at 100Mbps or auto, only connects in 10Mbps m



I have two machines - one XP home and the other XP MCE2005, both current to
SP3. Both have integrated 10/100 network cards. I am running a linksys
BEFSX41 router, which also has a Windows 2000 Pro SP4 machine, which works
fine at 100Mbps.

On the XP machines, if I don't specify 10Mbps half or duplex in the
connection speed, I cannot connect completely, where it leaves me stuck in
acquiring network address, which becomes limited or no connectivity.

I have replaced the Cat 5e cables with Cat 6 cables to no change in the
situation. The error appears to predate SP3, and has been going on for some

Jack \(MVP-Networking\).

Assuming that the Network card drivers are updated and correctly installed
you might need a New Card.
Buy a PCI network Card. Disable the Onboard Network cards, and install the
new PCI card.
In general, http://www.ezlan.net/debug.html
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking)

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