XP RIS Installation BSOD Error




I have a 2K based domain with RIS running on one of the servers. We have
just purchased a group of 30 new PCs with Intel 915GAVL Mainboards, all with
the identical BIOS version, hardware and settings. Approximately half of
the new PCs (and some older ones with 865GLCL boards) show a BSOD when RIS
Setup begins, displaying the error; "An initialization failure occurred
while trying to boot from the network". The rest work perfectly, fully
unattended, adding the machine to the domain, entering product key through
the ristndrd.sif/riprep.sif files etc etc.
The error occurs with more than one image, both Riprep and Base CD RIS
Images are affected.

There doesn't seem to be a common factor that ties the failing machines,
perhaps I'm missing one!

Any help appreciated.

Chris L

NIC Student

Yo Chris,

We have various HP boxes that will fail because they don't have the latest
"microkernel update" from HP. Their identical sister boxes fail do to some
cpu difference even though the BIOS is the same, even with a cd-based image.
My suggestion in your case is to flash the BIOS of the failed boxes witht
the latest version even though their brethren boxes are ok. Contact the
mobo manufacturer for more details if that fails.

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