XP Repair install not offered



Hard disk in death throes, clone contents to new drive, won't boot. XP
Home OEM (Microsoft) CD does not offer repair install for the existing
XP installation, but warns against writing a new install to that
partition due to existing operating system. Bootcfg repair finds
existing instance of Windows XP.

On trying to boot after cloning initial error was bad or missing
hal.dll - replaced that then got same message for ntoskrnl - ditto.
Now have error along the lines of "load needed DLL's for kernel" hence
want to try repair install.

I understand from http://michaelstevenstech.com/XPrepairinstall.htm
that " you can use an OEM XP Pro or Home, "retail" XP Home or Pro full
or upgrade version CD of the same version Home or Pro to perform a
Repair Install." so I should be OK.

How can I either force the XP CD to give me the repair option after
agreeing to the EULA, or alternatively how can I break the windows
installation further in order to be offered it (if that's how it
works). I have used the same CD for repair installs previously.





Andrew E.

If the old hd was in poor condition,how would cloning it to another hd
make any sence....Either way,xp cd does offer a "repair",simply boot to xp
cd,select install xp,select "repair this copy"...

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