XP professional to Vista Home Premium?



I currently have XP professional and would like to upgrade to Vista Home
Premium. The upgrade advisor says that I need to do a clean install. Does
this mean I need to buy the full version of Vista or can I still do a clean
install with the upgrade version? (Just so you know, I do not have the XP
disks - it came installed on my machine)

Also...my computer currently is having a few problems so I wanted to
completely remove everything - including XP and start fresh with Vista. Is
this considered the clean install? Can I do this with the upgrade version of


Rick Rogers


You can't upgrade XP Pro to Vista Home Premium, the upgrade disk will only
allow a clean (custom) install. This will move the existing system to a
windows.old folder, and while it's not a format it will not carry forward
any of the problems from the XP installation. You will just have to recover
data from the old installation afterwards, programs will need to be
reinstalled from their original installation media.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

Windows help - www.rickrogers.org
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i have xp pro on my old laptop and did a total recovery after backing up all
files to mini portable hard drive. so i can give to my mom. I had great
results .

I then purchased new HP 9628 Vista home Premium and it took me all day
yesterday, hours on phone with HP and Microsoft techs to figure out
permission issues and other issues with Vista.

I finally am using it but still encounering permission issues of not being
able to view files and things not working correctly.

My recommendation is unless you really know what your doing.....take your
laptop to besty buy geek squad or someplace where they can back up all your
files and do a full recovery and KEEP XP!!!!

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