XP/Pro TCP stack corrupted, what to do?


Al Dykes

I have an XP/Pro laptop that can't talk TCP/IP. I know the hardware
is fine since I can boot Knoppix and everything works.

I call it stack corruption because I have tried the following
connection types and get consistent symptoms.

RJ45 directly to my DSL/PPPoE modem to my ISP.
RJ45 to a Linksys router conected to my ISP.
Phone jack via PPP dialup to my ISP.
WiFi via a PCMCIA card to various public hotspots
(All use DHCP unless I'm testing something specific.)

All the above worked before the failure and other PCs can communicate
via my Linksys router.


I can get an IP connection and I get a good IP number and appropriate
DNS and gateway and mask numbers depending on where I am testing from
but afterwords no TCP applications can open any connections.

Event Viewer shows no errors.


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