XP Pro and Vista Virtual machine



I hope I can ask this question here. I am currently running XP Pro Sp3 on my
computer (which has the hard drive partitioned into three drives). The
computer hardware is Vista capable. Now I wish to run Vista Ultimate as a
virtual machine and my question is: Should I run it on my C: drive or one of
the other partitioned drives?



I am not sure I understand what you are saying Mark - I only wish to run
Vista as a secondary o/s (whilst I work thru the learning side of it) side
by side with XP which I will continue to use as my primary operating system
along with all the programs I have that run with it.

Hence my question.

Mark L. Ferguson

Well, I'm not saying you 'cannot' try it with XP on the 'bottom' of a
virtual set of OS, I'm just saying that Vista is not going to do well with
the hardware limitations of device drivers compatible with XP (but PERHAPS
NOT with Vista.) Starting from a base of vista drivers, XP is going to run
in a virtual environment very well. I don't think the same can be said of
Vista 'virtually' on XP. Certainly, it can be tried. I'm just saying _I_
would not.

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Mark L. Ferguson MS-MVP


Thanks Mark, I now understand what you are saying and I am now aware of the
possible limitations. But I would like to give it a go in the meantime.


The device drivers came with the Vista capable motherboard. There will not
be any peripheral devices running alongside Vista e.g. printers. modems etc.

I only wish to run Vista and Office 2007 and will be accessing the internet
via XP.

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