XP Home SP2 - Control over Limited account




I have an XP Home computer that I am the administrator for. I have a
limited account set up for those who use it other than me, and I want the
limited account to always start msn messenger and sign in so I know when
they are online. The problem is they disable the sign on for messenger and
thus I don't know when the machine is being used when I am not present.

How can I set this limited account up so that they CAN NOT adjust the
automatic settings of msn messenger signing on? Is there a way to do so?
Please advise and if there are resources partaining to this subject I would
appreciate knowing them too.

Thanks very much.


You can have different versions of msn messenger installed on a pc. But only
one of them can be logged in at any given time. You could set msn 4.5 up for
yourself, while the others can use the other versions of msn messenger "at
will". That way they can leave yours alone. Why not go to microsoft.com
and check out the messenger website. Normally, they post the newer versions,
but you can research a bit more at microsoft for prior versions. Find out
which version you currently have by launching it and looking at the "about"
via help...... (the icons for the older versions usually have one little
figure, while the newer versions have 2 or 3 little figures that are
displayed in the task bar when active)

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