XP Home disconnects too often.



I recently purchased a 2nd hand Dell Optiplex which had been wiped clean (ex
govenment) and I installed XP Home + the usual stuff such as printers,
scanner etc. Also put AVG and Avast antivirus + spyware (spybot + 3 other
known ones - I'm at work and can not remember which at moment).
I also networked it to another Dell PC (which is the host). Shortly after
this the PC's would have the dial-up prompt pop up to connect to internet.
No matter how many times I cancelled the prompt it kept coming up.
I changed some settings which seemed to fix it.

For reasons I have unplugged the PC's from networking. Now, on the recently
purchased PC, after connecting to internet it will disconnect (some times
only minutes apart, other times 30 minutes or so - it's random).
But after about the 3rd/4th time it seems to stay on not disconnect.

This happens very often.

I continually update antivirus/spyware and scan PC but nothing seems wrong.

I have changed settings to try and fix (currently on 'Always dial my default
connection') but still disconnects.

I have tried searching for auto diallers but found nothing.

I did presume that XP did not allow a disconnection to occur?

Does anyone have any other thoughts/suggestion as I'm starting to think I
should have shares in my phone company.

Australia . SA.


windows does disconnect u. click start > settings > network connections > the
name of ur connection > properties > options the 2nd box down "redialing
options" 3rd thing down idletime before hanging up set it at never
its real
annoying but all windows do this lol

Robert Brown

I asume you are only using one at a time of the two antivirus scan
programmes you mention.



Thanks for replying Janfeb.
I think I already have done this option but will double check when I get
home tonight.


Thanks Robert.
Yes, only 1 (AVG) is scanning at anyone time when connceted to internet (but
I use both to scan PC just incase the other does not pick something up)


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