XP driver update for Pioneer DVR-115D?



Following some unexpected cd writing problems I want to check if I have the
latest drivers from MS but am having a little trouble with checking what is
what on the updating site.

We installed a Pioneer DVR-115D, DVD/CD reader/writer drive last year, but
it uses XP's own driver suite. On the windows update site, the only
reference to a dvd writer I can find is to an HP one.

Device manager says that the driver in use is 01/07/2001 5.1.2535.0
The tab for 'details' lists a whole lot of other stuff which is meaningless
to me.

Have I got the latest/best driver for this device?
If not, can someone point me at the correct one.




Thanks Barry,

I did download a firmware update DVD115D_FW122EU.EXE
But when I click on it, it briefly runs a dos prompt and then closes and
leaves me with the same firmware version 1.18.

Must have got the wrong end of the stick.
Shame they don't include automatic update options.

I'm a bit wary of all this as their site says if you don't get it exactly
right it can damage the equipment beyond repair...



Rich Barry

Well, if you did try a firmware update and it didnt work then you
probably have that version already. You can try the version
detector on the site I provided you.


Yes I had already done that Rich,

Turns out I had got the wrong end of the stick and the first .exe file was
just unzipping a couple more which were the actual firmware install.

I've updated to version 1.22 now, and will try it out (when a massive defrag
I've also embarked on finally finishes...)



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