XP Downgrade License for Virtual Machine?



I have a licensing problem and am hoping someone has a suggestion or two.
Here is the relevent infomation:

1. I need to create multiple XP Pro virtual machines
2. I cannot use an OEM license for these devices
3. I cannot purchase XP Pro retail licenses any more
4. I do not have a VLK
5. Open License (small scale VLK) only gives XP/Vista upgrade rights and
does not license an OS. "Full desktop operating system licenses are not
available under these programs."

Are we completely out of luck? Do I have to purchase retail versions of
Vista Business and then downgrade by phoning in and explaing the situation
for each virtual machine?

Any suggestions/ideas would be most welcome.



Thanks, Bob. We're engaging Microsoft, but thought perhaps I was missing
something 'obvious'. :)


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