XP Blue Screen STOP 0X0000007E



Soyo SY-K7V Dragon Plus Mobo
Running RAID 2+0 Stripe (promise fasttrack lite)
Two identical Maxtor 40GB drives
AMD 1800XP
1 256MB PC2100 of Legacy Elec. RAM
1 512MB PC2100 of Legacy Elec. RAM
ATI 8500 AGP video card (64MB ver)

Out of nowhere one day my computer froze (couldn't move
mouse, CRTL-ALT-DEL wouldn't work, nothing), and I hit the
reset button. Upon rebooting, my computer goes past the
bios info, memory info, IDE info, onto the RAID controller
info, then to the Win XP splash screen - where it Flashes
up the "BLUE SCREEN" saying that "Windows has dectected a
serious error and will shut down to protect my computer.",
with the following message at the bottom of the
screen "*** STOP 0X0000007E
No further info is given and the computer restarts.

Upon any further restarts, I get to a point where it asks
if I want to boot in SAFE mode, or Last Known Working
Config, or Start Windows Normally. No matter which I
choose, I get to the Win XP splash screen again (for about
10 sec) then up comes the Blue Screen with the above
mentioned error.

I've taken each stick of RAM out and rotated each through
DIMM 1 and I still get the error. I have NOT had any
driver / BIOS updates in the last month (though I am
probably current w/all drivers, BIOS, & XP Updates).

I even went out and bought Norton AV 2004!, but it can't
see my RAID drive(s), only the A: drive.

NOW, let me me say that I have searched the boards and
found some similar posts, but none exactly the same. The
most common answer to those posts is to send the user to
www.aumha.org for a list of errors. Well, I've been there
and nothing seems to fit (besides, I can't even get XP to
boot in safe mode to try anything else).

Thank You for any info and sorry about the lengthy post.

TJ - (e-mail address removed)


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