.xls file won't open in Excel 2007



I've looked through several other posts on this topic but none of those fixes
worked for me.
I'm running Excel 2007 on a Windows XP sp3, the files I have are in .xls
format and open perfectly well in Excel 2003 but whenever I try to open it in
the 2007 version I get a message that says the file not a recognizable
format...any ideas?

Simon Murphy

Does the extension and the internal format match?

ie if its .xls then it must be 2003 binary
if its .xlsm then it must be the new zipped xml format
I've see that unrecognisable format error when .xlsm files have been
renamed to .xls

Excel development website: www.codematic.net


Thanks for your help. It turns out that the file type was actually WK 1(Lotus
1-2-3), which isn't supported by Excel 2007...so I just opened it in 2003 and
made sure to save it as .xls before trying to open it in 2007.

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