XL2007: Pivot table date filter


Scott Williams

Greetings all,

I have a pivot table that is updated from an external data source. I would
like to be able to filter the table by "last xx days".

The pivot table filter only gives me the choice to specify a less than
*actual* date, which remains a static filter. This means I can set it it
three days ago today, but tomorrow it will still have the same date which
means it will be showing last 4 days.

Other filter options for "last week" would be great *if* it was the same as
"last 7 days", but it isn't. It automatically determine which days are from
the previous "mon-sun" days

If I add an extra column to work out how many days ago a record was, and
then add that to the report filter, I can only select actual values, not
formula based values to filter by.

Does anyone have suggestions or pointers to something I might be missing?




Dave Peterson

Maybe you could add a formula like:

where xx is the number of days you want. You could even point to a different

This will return True or false and you can choose to show what you want.

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