Grouping Dates in Excel 2007 Pivot Tables




I have a pivot table in Excel 2007 where I have a date in the "Row Labels"
section. I want to filter by a range of dates (rather than selecting each
individual date by checking/unchecking the date value in the "Row Labels"

Documentation says that I can go to the Pivot table field list and use the
dropdown next to my date and choose "Date Filters". However, "Date Filters"
does NOT appear. The options are "Row Filters" and "Value Filters". When I
try to use "Row Filters", the filtering logic treats the date as a text value
(even though it is a numerical date value in the data), so I cannot filter on
something like "less than 01/01/09" (no data is returned because it is doing
a text comparison of the "01" at the beginning of the value).

The date is definitely a numerical date value, e.g. if I format the date
value of 7/8/09 as "general", it changes to 40002.

Anyone have an idea why "date filter" is not an option in my pulldown?




Ron, I just posted a similar question. Did you ever find out how to fix the

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