pivot table rolling 12 month filter?


Randy Suggs

Is there a way to add a rolling 12 month date filter for 'last 12 months' to
a pivot table? I see how to add conditional filters like last year, last
month, etc., but I need a way to filter for 'last 12 months' (or even last 6)
so that I don't have to update the date filter every month. This pivot table
is for manufacturing production
data and is connected to an analysis services data cube. I'm using excel
2007. Thanks for any help!

Bernie Deitrick


I would think that you could form your query to only return 12 months of
data - I don't use data cubes, so I'm just making an educated guess. Or you
could group your data in your pivot table by date and set the start date for
grouping as 6 or 12 months ago...

MS Excel MVP

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