xl2007 and Windows Media Center



I'm working with xl2007 on an HP laptop with Windows XP Media Center
Edition, SP 2.

Sometimes when I'm working in the xl2007 VBE, the Windows Media Center
application fires up (located at %SystemRoot%\ehome\ehshell.exe).
When this happens it does not come to the forefront, and I usually
don't know it has fired up until after exiting Excel.

It could be that some obscure keyboard shortcut is doing this. But the
"Properties" dialog box for this program says "None" in the Shortcut
Key field.

Does anyone know anything about this?


Brian Murphy
Austin, Texas


You don't usually see such behavior in a major appliance... oops, wrong movie
- this is not typical behavior while working in the VB Editor. Unless you've
got some strange keyboard activity going on, have accidentally somehow
identified a file type associated with one of the MC applications, or perhaps
have some strange virus running around, I wouldn't expect it to happen.

What you might do is start working with Excel set to a non-full screen size
so you can see the desktop behind it and tell when the MC is starting up.
Then you can quickly think back and determine what it was that you were doing
when MC fires itself up. After a few times, perhaps a pattern will emerge.


I will try your suggestion about non full screen mode to try to catch
it when it happens.

There is a chance that creating a GIF file with a VBA Export statement
may have done it. One of my macros creates GIF files this way,
although I have not been working very much with that particular



Good luck with it. I don't have anything more to offer at this time.
Perhaps someone else will read of your situation and come up with something
more definitive. But I think if you can determine when this is happening
(even if it turns out to appear to be random) will help.

I don't know what anti-virus application you may be running, but you might
want to get some second opinions, here are two pages with lists of reputable
online scanners offered. Some are single file scanning, others will scan
your system more thoroughly http://windowsxp.mvps.org/Scanners.htm and

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