xl2007 bug, Activesheet.Name = "something" out of memory, and more



I started out confident I could get my various codes to work in
xl2007. But now I'm starting to think otherwise. I guess I consider
myself lucky that major work like this hasn't been required since

Sometimes I get "out of memory" when trying to rename a sheet. The
code works fine sometimes, and sometimes not. This is only with

Is this a known problem?

I also am getting a lot of

Automation error
The object invoked has disconnected from its clients.

I get this when altering the series properties of a chart on a
worksheet. Which is something I do a lot of.

Are there any obvious reasons why this would happen? After this
happens, excel will no longer allow me to select cells on a worksheet,
and I'm forced to restart Excel.

I'm using application.Build = 4518

Is there a list of known bugs available anyplace?

Here's a really strange one. I often use something like
oneseries.Formula = "=Series(...."
to modify plotted data series. In one instance I'm having excel
change the sheet that is part of the range assignments for the X and Y
data ranges. I explicitly qualify the complete range designations
including the correct sheet names. Excel takes the statement without
complaining, but then reading back the series formula shows that excel
changed the sheet name to one of the other sheets in the file.
Grrrrrr! I've spent a lot of time trying to figure this one out, with
absolute no success. Making sure that Application.Screenupdating =
True didn't seem to help.

I'm about to give up on xl2007 until the first service pack is
released. Does anyone know when that might be?


Brian Murphy


I have now found that placing some more

Application.ScreenUpdating = True

Has gotten a very problematic macro to work. This one does a lot of
"=Series(..." operations.

But the macro was already running very slow in xl2007 compared to
earlier versions, and now it runs even slower.

Actually, it runs okay some of the time, but I still encounter
occasions when it doesn't, and then it leaves excel unstable and
constantly consuming 50% of the CPU resources even though nothing is
running in the VBE. Sigh!


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