Oct 26, 2006
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Hi guys

I want to get a controller for this PC, so I can play games like the forthcoming Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition thats coming out on it.

Was going to buy this one below on Amazon, but found out its only compatible with the console and not PCs.

But then found a more basic one on Amazon which says it is compatible with the PC.

So looks like Microsoft only wants PC gamers to have a basic controller instead of the exclusive silver and wireless with a charger kit controllers, which also has a modifiable directional pad. Guess Microsoft may have done this, so it don't hurt sales of the XBOX 360 console.

Very poor in my eyes. Glad I've always gone with Sony consoles.





sugar 'n spikes
Mar 5, 2002
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Twas a few years ago now but I ordered a wireless Xbox controller to use with a PC from and it didn't work. So I sent it back and about a week later received a replacement. That didn't work either.

So I now have a white, standard, hard wired Xbox controller with my main PC which I have to say is probably the best gamepad I've ever used with a PC though the equivalent Logitech wireless gives it a close run, I use two of the Logi's on other machines.

I hear the wireless problem has since been sorted but it made me wary. I also have two black wireless gamepads I use with my Xbox, they're fine. The white corded PC XBox controller also works with the Xbox btw.

In my opinion you won't need the extra refinements offered on the MS XBox silver controller to play Street Fighter 4 Arcade edition on the PC, standard gamepad should give you ample control.

As for Sony vs Microsoft, both companies have a catalogue of shame as long as your arm so buying any is a compromise of morals. How's the PS3 online play recently? :D

Lemme see, the PS3 costs more but it will play BluRay disks and you can install a seperate OS such as Linux on it. Oh, wait, you can't do that anymore, Sony stopped it with compulsory firmware didn't they?

Xbox is cheaper but it won't play Blu-Ray disks but all roads ultimately lead back to Steve Ballmer, which is not a nice thought.

The Xbox vs PS argument is a long standing one and the only common truth I can see is that they're both good and both have exclusive games to them.

All the rest is nit-picking so quit getting negative and enjoy the game :)

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