WTF is wrong with GemStar GuidePlus??


Gypsy Baron

Freaking program refuses to update the program
listings. I tried re-installing it and am now
left with a blank listing screen and it still
insists there are "no new listings available"
blah, blah, blah.

It has been acting strange for several weeks but
did update the listings, usually two days after the
previous listings expired and did not include the
current day but it did update.

Now it's totally PORKED. I'm sure I won't get any
help from ATI ( my card is an Radeon 9600 AIW Pro )
so I'm at a loss as to what to do.

This is absolutely the LAST ATI card I will ever
own!! Their inability to get drivers right the first
time and thier inability to provide a decent driver
update package that didn't require a 3rd party program
to clean out the leftover crap in the registry has turned
me off to ATI....

So, anyone that had similar GuidePlus problems have a solution?


Olde Fortran

Yesterday I couldn't update it for a while. I think it kept stopping
at downloading the advertisement panel, or something like that, and
when it couldn't download it, it quit. Pretty dumb, yes. It wouldn't
go on to the program listings because it couldn't get the
advertisement. Anyway, I tried again a while later and this time it
Also, if I download the listings on Sunday it downloads the next 7
days EXCEPT for the current day (Sunday).
I'm using 9.08 straight off of the CD that came with the card.

Barry Watzman

The Gemstar server has problems from time to time. It's not necessarily
ATI or the software. Usually it's fine, but every once in a while it
has periods (sometimes lasts for days) where things don't work.

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