Unable to install GuidePlus+...where did it go??



I remember having GuidePlus+ when I was using my old Radeon 64 VIVO.
When I upgraded to an 8500DV, GuidePlus+ vanished from my software
suite. I figured it'd been dropped by ATI, until I noticed a friend
(also with an 8500DV) had it. I can't seem to figure out how I install
the program? I've got the latest catalyst (3.6) and, probably more
importantly, MMC 8.5 installed. So where is GuidePlus+? I never get an
opportunity to install it. I've reinstalled the drivers and software
numerous times, and never once have I been prompted with anything
regarding GuidePlus, and its nowhere to be found on my computer.

What gives?

I'm running XP SP1, if that makes a diff. Any help appreciated.


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