Wrong supported video modes displayed for plug and play monitor



For my old (14") monitor which is recognized as plug and play monitor
by Windows, there are some not working resolution/refresh modes
displayed in display properties such as [email protected] hz. When give 75hz
with 1024x768 screen goes away, when i give [email protected] or
[email protected] hz. there's no display problem.

As a result, some of video modes which are recognize as "supported" by
Windows, are not supported in that case. Might it be because of
recognizing it as a "plug and play monitor"?
I didn't install any special driver for monitor. (note that my Nvidia
VGA card has the latest driver, problem is not about it).

Additionaly, with that monitor in AIDA32 or Everest, under "monitor"
tab no supported video modes are displayed. That part is blank. Only
"monitor properties" are displayed.

Could you explain these?



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