wrong pass code to log into microsoft software.


Angela Penfield.

THis morning I was prompted for a passcode into windows. I
set that up a year ago and do not remember it. It locked
me out of windows and now the start button on my computer
does not appear when I log in. Purchased the software when
I bought the computer and the manufacturer tells me it is a
virus, but I know I just need to reset my passcode. Help.

Michael Solomon \(MS-MVP Windows Shell/User\)

I don't know what you told the system builder but you might want to run a
virus scan just to place safe. Boot the system, start tapping F8, select
Safe Mode from the menu, be sure your Antivirus software is up to date and
run a scan.

Assuming your system is clear of viruses:

If you have XP Pro on your computer, at the log in screen type
twice. In the user account type administrator, leave the password blank and
press enter. You likely didn't create a password for this hidden account
during setup and if the computer was purchased with XP pre-installed it
doesn't likely have one either,

If you have Home, boot into Safe Mode (F8 after the post test and before
Windows starts. Once Windows starts loading, you've missed it and will have
to try again). You'll have an option to log on as Administrator. Again,
the same procedure, you'll be asked to log in to get into safe mode, type
administrator, leave the password blank and press enter.

This will get you in. Then go to Control Panel, user accounts, select the
specific user and select change password. Once you've changed the password
it would be advisable to create a Password Reset Disk by clicking "Prevent a
Forgotten Password" link in the left pane.

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