wrong field shown in look up column



hello everyone,

I will try to explain the best I can. Any help or suggestions are greatly

I have a main iventory table, a Purchase Table, and an invoice table.

My main iventory table draws from the order two as follows:

It (inventory table) has a look up column (invoice #) that pulls from the
invoice table.
The invoice table has a look up column (purchased from) that pulls from the
purchase table. (The purchase table does not pull from anywhere)

Here is my problem: when selecting invoice # from the inventory table, i see
the following in a drop down menu, invoice #, date ordered, date recieved, if
it was purchased online, and the part I don't understand. Instead of seeing
the name of the place it was purchased from, I see the ID (key) of that
record. The row source has everything laid out as it should. The id isn't
even in the row source.




John Spencer

I am guessing that you are using Access' lookup feature in your table for
that field. You need to add your Purchase Table (I assume that is where the
location is stored) to your query and display the Purchase location field.

What you are seeing is the stored value. When you use Access Lookup feature
on a field in a table, Access stores the value of the primary key. As long
as you are working directly in the table it will DISPLAY the lookup value
even though it is storing the key value. Eventually, this feature causes
the type of problem you are seeing.


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