Working with Database in frontpage



I am building my website using frontpage . For that i am using my excel file
database. I have created excel database through ODBC
first i created system DSN
I used database result wizard for that(insert->db->result)
my excel file is coming with all column names witth no records. When i save
that web page it is saving with ASP extension and preview it in preview
option i am getting this meeage below columns.

Database Results regions will not preview unless this page is fetched from a
Web server with a web browser. The following table row will repeat once for
every record returned by the query

I am building web site first time...I am not sure wherther i am doing right
things or not. i don't have web server..i am previwing my page in preview
option..should i run it on web server????? for that what should i do?
....Anybody plz tell me what are the steps for that..
do u know abt any web site for frontpage which will help me to build web site

thanks in advance

Thomas A. Rowe

1. You should be using Access, not Excel as your data source.

2. In order to test .asp pages you must either create your site locally on a Windows IIS web server
in FP via http or you have to publish your site to a Windows IIS web server before you can test it.

3. Haven't read previous replies to your regarding this issue?
Thomas A. Rowe
Microsoft MVP - FrontPage

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