Word Options in Word 2007 grayed out


Leisha M.

I have been rolling out Office 2007 Professional Plus 2007 - I have one user
so far with an interesting predicament. When in Word 2007, the left hand menu
selections under Word Options is grayed out. This hasn't been a problem with
other installations. Any clues



Herb Tyson [MVP]

Perhaps there was a glitch during installation. Are they still grayed out if
starting in Safe mode? (hold down Ctrl as Word is starting, then click Yes
to the prompt).

What about when staring Word with the /a switch (Start - winword.exe /a) ?

If these "fix" the problem, the usual solutions are:

1. Delete/rename Normal.dotm.

2. Delete/rename the Data and Options keys in the registry.

3. Turn off any add-ins to see if they're interfering.

4. Try repairing the installation.

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