Word has stopped working error message



I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron for my daughter to take to college. The
system came with Vista installed. I purchased the student version of
Microsoft Office and installed it before she left for school. It appeared
that the three main programs (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) installed
correctly. My daughter discoverd at school when she tried to use word it
would open but when trying to change anything within the document (font) an
error message appreared stating Microsoft Office Word has stopped working,
Windows will close the program. Excel and powerpoint seem to be ok. I tried
to load all current Windows updates and was unsuccessfull on loading all
updates. I received an error message of Code 6AA. This has been extremely
frustrating to have a these issues on a new machine. Any help is greatly
appreciated. I unistalled Office Home and reinstalled to no avail.




Here is a link that addresses error 6AA
http://www.vistaheads.com/forums/mi...pdate-error-code-6aa-system-bogging-down.html (scroll down

The google search I did to find this was: microsoft update error 6aa

Next, scan for viruses and spyware. If you are using free A/V and
anti-spyware programs, beware that some free programs that claim to remove
malware, don't remove many malware programs and actually install their own
malware. AVG antivirus is legitimate, as well as Spybot Search & Destroy and
Ad-Aware. Use them to remove anything that may be causing problems.

When it comes to Vista, there tend to be a lot of problems that happen due
to Windows itself having bugs or because it doesn't recover well from things
programs do wrong. This is made worse by the incredibly unhelpful error
messages the latest round of Microsoft products offer.

You may be stuck contacting Dell or Microsoft to get this resolved. There is
not a lot in your question that really indicates a direction to go in with
this, which knowing Vista, is because it hasn't really given you one to go in.


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