Word documents open in word pad



When I receive Word docs via email, or when I save a Word doc, the icon shows
up as a word pad doc and it opens in word pad if I don't open Word first then
open the file. Is there some sort of default setting that I can change so
that when I click on these files to open them, that Word will open and not
word pad?

Chuck Davis

In Windows Explorer, right click on the file name and then
choose Open with... from the menu and choose the program
that you want the file to open with.


Re-register Word by clicking on Start | Run, and in the Open box, type:

winword.exe /r

Yes, there is a space between winword.exe and /r. You might have to include
the path to your winword.exe file if Windows can't find it by itself. If so,
then the command might look something like:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\winword.exe" /r

Yes, include the quotation marks. Yes, there is a space between the closing
quotation mark and /r. But use the actual path to the winword.exe file on
your computer. Does this fix the problem?

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