Word docs will not print to network printer



I have Windows XP Pro and Office 2003. My word documents will print to my
local printer at home, but not to the networked printer at school. However,
pdf files will print at school, so it is not an authentication/password
problem. When I try to print, the document acts like it is printing and then
just disappears into the great beyond.

Does anyone have any ideas why this might be and how to fix it?




Rob Schneider

We have seen this problem with Word 97 and many other (even non
Microsoft) software on our network connected printer (HP colour laser).
Seems to be related to the fact that the printer driver isntalled by
the IT dept for the networked server was not the right one. Problem
comes and goes. They refuse to fix becuase the "right" driver is
"incompatible with our network", they say. They don't say what
"incompatible" means. I guess they prefer it not to work rather than
have it be "incompatible".

Check with the school IT dept. Hopefully they will be more friendly
than our corporate IT dept.

Hope this is useful to you. Let us know.




Scott Hayes

I just fixed a similar problem my a home PC. From what I
have been able to figure out, MS Office products require
the latest print drivers. Contact you school LAN admin,
or whomever is inchange of the network, and verify that
they have the latest print drivers on the network. Not
sure if that will fix the problem, but it had helped the
few times I have ran into this problem.

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