Word Barcode



Hello All,

Using Word ’03…

I have a barcode scanner.

I type a number/character into Excel and change to font to barcode;
print the doc and barcode scanner reads the barcode perfectly.

I do the exact same thing in Word; it doesn’t work. Word seems to add
something to the end of the barcode (maybe a space, I’m not sure).

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong or why Word does this and how it
can be fixed?





Word is funky with barcodes. Your best bet is to determine the barcode your
scanner reads and then try to find that barcode font and load it into
Windows. Also, make sure the font is fairly large, 20 point at least. When we
tried to create documents for a flatbed scanner and ocr program, anything
smaller than 20 pt in Word would not read.

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