Word 2007 Start up



We recently installed Office 2007 under Windows Vista and are having problems
with the start up of Word. When we open Word, we first get:

"Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007.
Gathering required information"

Later we get:

"Please wait while setup prepares the necessary files.

Configuration Progress:
Configuring Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007"

This whole process takes quite a while, and repeats every time we go into
Word 2007. Almost the exact scenario occurs with Excel 2007.

There may be more than one problem with our installation. I would really
appreciate any help with sorting this out. Thanks.

Terry Farrell

You need to log in as the ADMINISTRATOR (not a user with Admin privileges
but as the Administrator login) and then run one of the Office Apps and
accept everything. Then it should work for all users.


I Had the same problem. Enabled the Admin login, Logged in as Administrator
nad tried the steps mentioned. did not work.

There has te be a better way that OSRI

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