Excel 2007 start up



We recently installed Office 2007 under Windows Vista and are having problems
with the start up of Excel. When we open Excel, we first get:

"Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007.
Gathering required information"

Then we get a pop up box that says:

"stdole32.tlb" (that's all.... no indication of what is wrong with this

When we hit "OK" we next get:

"Please wait while setup prepares the necessary files.

Configuration Progress:
Configuring Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007"

This whole process takes quite a while, and repeats every time we go into
Excel 2007. Almost the exact scenario occurs with Word 2007, without the
stdole32.tlb popup box.

There may be more than one problem with our installation. I would really
appreciate any help with sorting this out. Thanks.

Roger Govier


As this is a 90 day evaluation copy, you may get problems.
Are you going to upgrade to the full version either HSE 2007 or the full
If you do, your problems may well be resolved.


I am having the same problem and I have just installed the full version of
Office Professional 2007.

Is there a way to solve this problem?


Roger Govier


In my experience, if there is a trial version of the HSE 2007 edition on the
machine, you need to uninstall that before installing Office 2007.

If you have already installed Office 2007, un-install both.
Reboot the computer
Install Office 2007


Thanks for the help but I did not have a trial version. I did however find a
solution to the problem. I downloaded SD1 for Office 2007 and this fixed the
problem. Hope it will help others.


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