Word 2007 scroll bars frozen



I opened a .docx document that was previously fine, and I suddenly noticed
that, on the Quick Access Toolbar, the scroll bars in both the Style list box
(Heading 1, Bulleted List, etc.) and the Font Size list box (10, 12, etc.)
are frozen. I cannot scroll through the long list of styles or sizes and
select new ones. I cannot cursor down at all through either list.

I *can* type in the name of a heading in the style list box (or font size,
in the font size box) and overwrite the one that's there, and that works.
That's really tedious, though, as far as style selection goes.

I've never seen this happen before. If anyone can tell me what's causing
this, I'd appreciate it.


Stefan Blom

Have you tried deleting the Data key in the registry with Word closed? When
you restart Word, the default settings should be restored.

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