Word 2007 Save Problem



I have Office 2007. About every 5th time or so I try to save a document I get
the following:
Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error.
After clicking OK, I get the following:
Word encountered a problem while trying to save the documents. Do you want
Word to save the document as -----and mark the file to be recovered the next
time it is opened?

Then I have to open the document, see a note in a left-hand column about
Rescue and Repair, save under a different name, delete the original file, and
rename the new file back to the old file name.

Why is this happening, and what do I have to do to correct this?





Keith we are having this same issue at our company as well.

We have a group who are creating templates and ever so often they get the
"word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error (filename)"
error message.

I have enabled backup creation (Office Button>Word
Options>Advanced>Save>Always create a backup copy) as a means to prevent the
developers from losing all of their work. From the research I've done, it
doesn't appear that MS has a firm grasp of the variables that can cause this
issue, the items they have mentioned don't apply to our environment, yet we
still get the error.

I hope that something is discovered soon as the support calls are increasing
for this issue.


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