Word 2007 does not print!



After a Hang in the program, when I issue the print command in Word printer
acts like its printing and even cartridges move to left and right (like its
printing the page line by line) like normal but a white paper comes out of
the printer (nothing is printed on it)

Printer works properly in other programs and I can print a test page! and
its prints correctly!
I am using HP Deskjet 5550 and Windows Vista Ultimate and Office 2007
I have tried these but didnt solve my problem:

1- deleting and reinstalling the printer
2- repairing office
3- restarting computer

Stefan Blom

Indeed, this is a strange problem... Is the problem with all documents in
Word, or just with a particular (set of) document(s)?

Can you print from Word using a different printer?

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

in message


1- I can print using different Printers (like Adobe PDF) but I cant print
using the HP DeskJet 5550 printer
2- No Document can be printed by DeskJet 5550 in word but this printer works
fine in other Apps like Photoshop or Paint ....

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