Word Word 2007 bullet list in unprotected parts of form document

Oct 3, 2008
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When setting up a Word 2007 template I divide the document into various sections - some with form elements which I protect and others that are kept open.
In the protect dialogbox I simply "unprotect" parts of the document divided by section breaks. (Section 1 & 3 are protected but 2 & 4 are unprotected).

How can I use bullets or numbered lists on the parts of the document that are NOT protected? These commands are not available at all as soon as I protect the form parts (1 & 3) of the a document EVEN if the other parts (2 & 4) - divided by section breaks - are excluded from the protection.

I run Win XP sp 2 & Office 2007 + Classic Menu 3.93 from Addintools.com



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