Word 2003 Large document prints blank with 2 pages per sheet



When printing a large document (20 pages+) using the zoom setting: File,
Print, Pages Per Sheet =2. The document prints blank. I cancel the print job
and then send it again and it prints correctly. I have the problem on 2PCs
(different models) both XP SP3 with Office 2003 SP3. Other PCs with the same
build do not have the problem. I have tried with 3 different printers (HP LJ
1320, P2055 and Brother HL-6050DN) both local and network. I have tried
deleting the word data key and this made no differrence. I have found the
problem referred to on the web in various places (going back to Word 2000)
but no one seems to have a fix.

Stefan Blom

Is there anything you can think of that is different on the computers where
it is in fact working?


is it really entirely blank? I sometimes have the problem that the pages are
printed, be it that they turn out to be post stamp sized (smaller than that,
really), somewhere in the margin of the page.


Yes, completely blank. I thought it might have been a printer memory error,
hence trying different models but the size of the print job never gets close
to the printers' total memory.

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