Word 2003 doc and Word 2000 doc differences



I have been doing a 4 page Christmas letter for many years and this
year, using Word 2003 for the first time, I see that the total size has
increased from an average of 25 MB for previous letters, to a whopping
202 MB. I haven't changed format or overall size and there are even
fewer pictures inserted this year! What's caused this?




Suzanne S. Barnhill

There are a number of reasons for excessive file size, including:

1. Fast Saves: Disable this at on the Save tab of Tools | Options.

2. Preview Picture: Clear the check box on the Summary tab of File |

3. Versions (File | Versions): Make sure "Automatically save version on
close" is not turned on.

4. Revisions (Tools | Track Changes):
Highlight Changes: Make sure "Highlight changes on screen" is turned on
(or that "Final Showing Markup" is displayed).
Accept/Reject Changes: If "Accept All" or "Reject All" is available then
revisions are present; accept or reject all changes, then turn Track Changes

5. Embedded True Type fonts (Tools | Options | Save); embedding fonts should
be avoided wherever possible.

6. Embedded graphics: When feasible, it is preferable to link the graphics.
That is, when you insert the graphic, click the arrow beside Insert in the
Picture dialog and choose Link to File rather than Insert or Insert and

7. Embedded objects: These are even worse than ordinary graphics saved with
the document. If you see an { EMBED } code, the graphic is an OLE object.
Unless you need to be able to edit the object in place, unlink it using

8. File format: Make sure you are saving as a Word document; in some cases
..rtf (Rich Text Format) files are significantly larger than .doc files.

9. Document corruption: See

I believe someone has suggested that Smart Tags may increase file size as

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA

Email cannot be acknowledged; please post all follow-ups to the newsgroup so
all may benefit.



Thank you for this great response. I'm sure many others will
find it very useful. Unfortunately (or fortunately most of the items
didn't apply:

1. Fast Saves was not enabled. What about "Allow background saves"?
Should this be disabled?

2. Preview picture not enabled.

3. "Versions" is greyed out.

4. Nothing happens when I click on "Track Changes"

5. Embedded fonts not checked.

6. I don't see any arrow beside the "Insert" icon in picture dialog.

7. No embedded objects.

8. File saved as .doc file

9. Document corruption. I'm not quite sure I understand the 2nd last
paragraph. It states: "One more thing: under Tools + Options +
Save, turn ON the checkbox which says "prompt to save Normal
Template", if it isn't on already ..."

The next sentence reads: "The ONLY time you should ever save
Normal .dot is when you have knowingly made a change to it that
you want to save."

Why enable the prompt, if its only to be used as stated above?
Wouldn't this lead to a greater probability of saving when it
shouldn't be?

10. Smart tags not enabled.

Outside of possible document corruption, what else would account for
such an increase in size?


Suzanne S. Barnhill

1. Background saves will not affect file size. This just affects whether
Word saves in the background (allowing you to continue working) or grabs the
focus while it saves (which won't make much difference unless the file is
really large and your processor is really slow).

6. Word 2000 may still have the old Insert Picture dialog with check boxes
for "Save with document" (clear) and "Link to file" (check).

7. You want Word to have to ask before it saves Normal.dot. This is what
"Prompt to save Normal.dot" does. If you don't have this option checked,
Word can save Normal.dot without asking your permission, which means that it
could be saved with changes you don't know about and certainly wouldn't
choose (including those made by a virus).

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA

Email cannot be acknowledged; please post all follow-ups to the newsgroup so
all may benefit.




Thanks again, Suzanne;

This has been very helpful and enlightening. I guess, however, I'll
never know why my particular document increased to such a degree over
previous ones.

Have a blessed Christmas!

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