Word 2002 Picture Bullets not displaying



I’m using Word 2002 and trying to add a picture bullet to an existing list.
I go to Format/Bullets and Numbering/Bulleted click on the bullet style I
want to replace, click Customise and then Picture and I get a dialogue box
headed “Picture Bullet†which contains several boxes with the little square
with the blue triangle, red square and green circle and when I hover the
mouse over these a short text description of the picture I should be seeing
appears (eg bullets, web buttons 12(w) X 12(h) pixels 2KB ASPX).
Can anyone advise me what do I need to do to get the pictures themselves to
appear and be useable as bullets?
Many thanks

Stefan Blom

Word should display the actual bullets in the dialog box eventually. Note
that sometimes it may take a while for Word to populate the list.

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