WMM saving all of the Collection, not my storyboard in DV AVI file




I have raised this before in another thread, but as I was originally told to
start a new thread I thought I had better re-raise it in light of the new
information I have.

Basically I have imported video from a Sony DV Camcorder via Windows Movie
Maker, and have edited the raw footage I got (roughly 22 minutes, about a
4Gig DV AVI) to a nice concise 15 minute film with music dubbed onto it (MP3
files, in case that is significant) and nice wipes between cuts and a couple
of titles.

If I save this 15 minute storyboard as a high quality WMV then I get a 15
minute movie file generated and all is good, but ideally I would like to save
it as a DV AVI so that I can get the best quality when I burn it to DVD.

When I save to DV AVI file though, I get a 18 gig file. This file will open
up in Windows Media Player, but has a running time of 1 hour and 26
minutes!!? After watching the last one I generated (the software
consistantly does this) I can confirm that the video isn't slowed down, but
some of the footage I had previously edited out of my storyboard has
re-appeared in the final DV AVI. Indeed it seems as if whenever I made an
edit WMM has put the whole video for each scene (it would certainly explain
the duration!).

I don't know if this is significant either, the wizard when generating the
DV AVI file stuck at 99% for a very, very long time. Now when producing
other file formats (e.g. a PAL WMV) the time estimate was pretty much
accurate, but the DV AVI file took way longer than originally estimated

Anyone experienced anything like this?

Any help appreciated



p.s. WoJo has been helping me in the other thread (thanks for this) but I
have discovered new info since his last post, and it's such an odd problem I
thought it could use it's own thread.

Wojo [MVP]

I have something new for you to try. It isn't likely that it will help but
easy enough to try.
Delete the MP3(s) and try then to save as DV-AVI. MP3's do occasionally
cause erratic behavior although I have never seen them do this it is worth a

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