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Ok i try downloading it on Download.com but i never see it when i go in All
Programs.My other older computer never had WMM downloaded and it wasnt a
problem.Now on this my newer computer that comes with Windows Movie Maker it
doesnt work!So i tried redownloading it it wpnt work still.I removed WMM and
downloaded it and it didnt work still, matter and fact nothing even got saved
this time!Help!


Mac gave you links for Movie Maker 2.0 and Vista's Movie Maker 2.6.

If you are looking for version 2.1 (the newest version available for Windows
XP) then you can't download it separately as it comes with Windows XP SP2
(Service Pack 2). You can download and reinstall SP2 here:

If you are looking for the full Vista Movie Maker version 6.0 you can't
download that separately either as it is shipped as part of Windows Vista.

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