WM opening Hotmail account


Mike Haro

I just rebuilt my computer with WinXP Enterprise and
Office 2003.

I had an older version of WinXP previously and my Windows
Messenger always opened IE and displayed my Hotmail inbox
when I selected "My Email Inbox".

The current installation is ONLY opening my Outlook
window. I want to be able to get back to my Hotmail
account easily (without going to Outlook which I can't
seem to get to work with hotmail anyway).

Does anyone know why the Windows Messenger is opening
Outlook and any way to change this to open IE for Hotmail
instead. I am logging into the Windows Messenger using
my .Net Passport.

Any help would be appreciated.


I just downloaded SP2 and now I have the same issue. My
messenger opens Outlook when I try to check for e-mail. I
also have a prblem that I am not getting notification when
new e-mails come into my msn account. Any help for this?/



Those functions have been removed from Windows Messenger, you need MSN
messenger to get it back.

Jonathan Kay [MVP]


This is true, but you don't need MSN Messenger get back the functionality; you can simply
install the older version of Windows Messenger:

You might find this helpful as MSN Messenger is not an upgrade from Windows Messenger, it is
an entirely separate application and not only looks radically different but still requires
Windows Messenger to be installed for all its functionality to work properly.
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Stephen Harris

The current installation is ONLY opening my Outlook
window. I want to be able to get back to my Hotmail
account easily (without going to Outlook which I can't
seem to get to work with hotmail anyway).

Any help would be appreciated.

To add hotmail to Outlook:

Tools ---> E-mail Acccounts then under Email
add new account Next
choose the 4th one down, which is Http Next
it already has the default email provider selected: Hotmail
fill in the information

Remember, under Logon your user name is the _same_
as your email address. Provide password and decide
whether to save it so you don't have to provide it each time.

Under More Settings ---> Connection
Choose Lan or
choose modem and select your default modem internet connection

You can have several email accounts on Outlook. Hotmail is
nicely integrated into its own little section.

The most common mistake is not providing your entire email
address for your logon user name. The password is case
sensitive so don't mistakenly have caps turned on.

I use MSN Messenger 6.2 If Outlook is the default email client
then it can provide instant notification and if email is sent to the
Hotmail/passport account, that provides notification.

I keep an icon of Outlook down below in the quicklaunch area.
And either account is very accessible and well-defined in Outlook.


Simon Hed

I am having a hard time coming up with the words to describe how bad
this sucks. First of all, MSN Messenger is horrid. The older Windows
Messenger is/was much cleaner imo.

I thought having to live with that link to 'click here to join the
Customer Experience Improvement Program' was bad enough. The fact
that this functionality has been summarily removed is an outrage.

The link you posted to download doesn't appear to have any older
versions available. I have Windows Messenger 4.7.3000. I am kinda
sure the version I had before sp2 was 4.7.

MS screwed the pooch on this. I may restore an image I made before
the application of sp2 just because of this.

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