Wireless networked printer



Hello all,

I have a Linksys WRT54G wireless router connected to a cable modem in my
living room. An Xbox and Vonage adapter are connnected to the router via
ethernet cable.

In bedroom #1 is a PC (Win XP) connected to the router via AT&T wireless
adapter. In bedroom #2 is a laptop (Win XP Pro) connected to the router via
built in wireless card. Also, in bedroom #2 is a Brother MFC-3820cn printer.
It is not hooked up at this time and has never been installed as a printer
on either machine.

I want the printer to be a stand alone device on the network. ( Not hard
wired to a computer). The printer has an ethernet port that is available to
use. I also have a spare Linksys wireless router (WRT54G) that I am not
currently using. And a Linksys WUSB11 that is available to use. The WUSB11
has a USB connection.

What is the easiest/most cost-effective way for the both computers to share
this printer?


David Vair

I would say hook it right to the router you are currently using if it has an available port. If not
use the second router and just set it up as an access point for your existing wireless network and
put the printer on that.

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