Wireless Keyboard Compatibilty Problem



I just needed an answer to a tech support question about a MS keyboard. Im
not sure if this is the right place. Its a MS Wireless Comfort Keyboard 1.0A
that connects to a notebook through a Targus USB port replicator.

The additional keys on the board such as the My Documents shortcut and the
Email shortcut work fine when it is plugged into a normal PC via PS/2. When
plugged into a notebook through the USB port replicator these extra function
keys do not work. I've tried using updated drivers for the Keyboard and Port
replicator but this has not resolved the problem.

I've read through the manual for the replicator and it does suggest that
additional features may be lost and the keyboard detected as a standard
device. My question is - Can Microsoft recommend a USB Port Replicator that
is compatible with the extra function keys of the Microsoft Wireless Comfort
Keyboard 1.0A? Thankyou.

Im using XP SP2, everything upto date, using the latest Intellipoint 5.2

Yves Leclerc

My experience with these port replicators is that MOST manufacturers will
not support any device connected to them.

I can not get support for any hardware that I connect to such device. Every
manufacturer will only support the hardware if I were to connect the device
directly to the corresponding port on the laptop. Not the port on the

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