Wireless --> IAS authentication failure




Win2k server SP4 running AD & IAS
WinXP Pro SP2 (wireless card Cisco - don't know the model)
Cisco 1200 access point

Client tries to authenticate, using PEAP with no success.

On the IAS server log, we get a message as follows:

Policy-Name = AP WIR
Authentication-Type = EAP
EAP-Type = <undetermined>
Reason-Code = 66
Reason = The user attempted to use an unauthorized authentication method.


The IAS is managed by a pain in the neck lady and I bet that she is missing
something on her end. She never show us all the pieces configured. Is like
getting locked inside the server room and she comes out stating that
everything is in place.


Is CA a mandatory piece on this puzzle or not?
Could anybody out there point us to a step-by-step win2k setup in order to
get this environment working?

I have showed to the server's administrator the document
but she refuses to triple check her settings against this document, because
it's for win2k3 server.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Have a good one.

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