PEAP MS-CHAP v2 Password Expiration Issue



I am using IAS with PEAP MS-CHAP v2 to authenticate
wireless users to our network. I have a Cisco 1200 series
AP configured for RADIUS. All is working well with
authentication. However there are 2 issues I am trying to
1) password expiration notices are not seen when wireless
clients logon
2) when a password is expired the user is not given the
option to reset password at logon

Is this a limitation of IAS or the AP? I have read that
password expiration notices and the ability to change
passwords was not always a feature of RADIUS.


hello from spain.
sorry but i need urgent help.

i am trying to put ias and peap with my AP, de authetication and wire
conection works fine but the traffic don`t flow

i need help please.

my email is (e-mail address removed) can you help me or can i call yo

please reply to me
thank yo


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