Winforms and WPF - where to start


Chris Kennedy

Hi I'm a web developer but a newbie to win forms and WPF. What are the main
differences between the two. In particular I want incorporate either
Winforms or WPF into web browsers in our intranet applications. The main
things we want are

The ability to do things like dragging and dropping from the file sysytem
(I've done this in a Winform)
Easy integration with host browser via events methods and properties
Integration with Office Apps

Bob Powell [MVP]

Stay away from winforms for this application. You can use winforms controls
like ActiveX controls but WPF will be simpler as a browser app or maybe on a
silverlight site.

WPF's latest version and Silverlight 3 are pretty much the same so if you
learn XAML it will apply to both.

Bob Powell [MVP]
Visual C#, System.Drawing

Ramuseco Limited .NET consulting

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Chris Kennedy

How would Silverlight handle something like dragging and dropping a file
from the desktop or Outlook and then doing something with it. I've got this
to work quite well with emdedding WinForm controls but struggled to find
Silverlight examples. I'd prefer to use Silverlight and WPF in the longer

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