Windows XP will not boot



After downloading Windows XP service pack 1a my Dell
laptop will not boot up. Message reads STOP: c0000212
{Fatal System Error} The Windows logon Process system
process terminated unexpectedly with a status of
0x00000080 (0x000000000 0x00000000). The system will shut
down. I have tried rebooting in Safe Mode and Last known
good configuration. No luck. Have tried to restore system
in command prompt no luck. Any suggestions???




Hi Glenn,

Repair the Windows XP Installation - Note: You will forfeit all MS Updates.

Configure your computer to start from the CD-ROM drive. For more information
about how to do this, please refer to your computer's documentation or
contact your computer manufacturer.

Insert your Windows XP compact disc (CD) into your CD-ROM drive or DVD-ROM
drive, and then restart your computer.

(You can also boot with a Windows 98/Me Startup disk with CD support and run
WINNT.EXE in the I386 folder on the CD)

When the "Press any key to boot from CD" message is displayed on your
screen, press a key to start your computer from the Windows XP CD.

When you see the following message displayed on the Welcome to Setup screen,
press ENTER: To setup Windows XP now, press ENTER.

At this point an option to press R to enter the Recovery Console is
displayed. Do not select this option.

On the Windows XP Licensing Agreement screen, press F8 to agree to the
license agreement. Make sure that your current installation of Windows XP is
selected in the box, and then press the R key to repair Windows XP. Follow
the instructions on the screen to complete Setup.

Perform an In-Place Upgrade (Reinstallation) of Windows XP;en-us;Q315341


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