Windows XP sp2 RIS image crash



I have a Windows 2003 Server std with RIS service. I install Windows XP SP2
with Office 2003 on a Dell Precision 410 client machine. The client machine
is network connected and is able to communicate with the RIS server. I run a
riprep.exe on the client machine. During the riprep, the wizards ask me to
stop some services on client machine. I did. The process continues. Then I
get sharing violation error. I clicked retry. Then I got a second sharing
violation error. I clicked retry and it continues the process. I check the
RIS image on the server and it looks "good". Here is the riprep.log file:
* 12/22/2004 11:21:02
Server : SVPA0017
Language : English
Architecture: i386
Description : Windows XP SP2 Dell Precision
HelpText :
SystemRoot : Mirror1\userdata\winnt
Winnt Dir : C:\WINDOWS
* 12/22/2004 11:41:26
Sharing Violation: C:\WINDOWS\system32\CatRoot2\edb.log
User requested a retry of the last operation.*
* 12/22/2004 11:41:28
Sharing Violation: C:\WINDOWS\system32\CatRoot2\tmp.edb
User requested a retry of the last operation.*
* RIPREP completed successfully. Client shutdown started.

But when I try to use this image to install it on the same client machine
(not the server), I got a blue screen on the client machine.

Bad Pool_header
Stop 0x00000019 error

Please help.



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