Windows XP SP2 PC - Cannot read CD-rom


T Sneller

I have a DVD cd-r/w combo and a CD-R/W drive. I can read
DVD's in the DVD combo, and write CD's in both drives, but
I cannot READ a CD-ROM in either drive. I cannot play
audio cd's using CD-Player, but it's OK from Windows Media
Player 10.

I have de-installed the drives, disconnected the drives,
rebooted the PC, then Shut down windows again, and
reinstalled everything, and still cannot read cd's.

This seems to have started since I put an old CD/RW disk
in the drive, and it installed Windows 95 Nero Direct-CD.
I deinstlled this using a tool from Roxio, and since then
the cd-rom drives won't work. Roxio are no help at all.
Alternatively, it might be SP2. Any ideas please.



Nathan McNulty

Not exactly sure what you installed or uninstalled there, but you have
the company names and products mixed up there. DirectCD is part of
Roxio (not Nero) and is for writing to CD-RWs. Nero is a superior
CD\DVD Writing program to Roxio :)

Anyways, you may want to try uninstalling the drives from Device Manager
(Start-Run-devmgmt.msc) and reboot. If that fails, we'll try editing
the registry to fix it. I will explain how to do that if it comes to
that, but please don't try this unless you know what you are doing.
Finally, give these suggestions a try:;en-us;321641

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