windows xp not placing monitor in standby mode



I have the drivers loaded for my monitor and video card, but xp is not
placing the monitor in standby mode. I have the screensaver set to
none and under the power options for the monitor I have "turn off
monitor after 5 minutes" selected.

Linux works fine so it isn't a limitation of the motherboard/video

Any suggestions?


I found out that my microsoft wireless notebook optical mouse 3000 is
keeping the system from entering standby. Once I unplug the usb
receiver from the pc the monitor enters standby in the time I selected.
I downloaded the latest mouse drivers, rebooted, and the problem

I was going to contact ms via email for support but it won't allow me
to open a support request because the pid on the bottom of the mouse is
not recognized on the ms support page.


after reading this article

I found that a dvd related program was running that caused the problem.
It was not the same program as mentioned in the article above, but I
simply ended it in taskmgr and it worked. So then I removed it from

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